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Drain Cleaning in Sacramento

Published on November 18, 2013

Ask a Sacramento Plumber:  How to Avoid Drain Clogs

We received a call from a customer who said his shower was draining slowly and he was unable to find the reason for the clog. He said he didn’t want to work on the drain himself because he didn’t want to take the risk of making the problem worse. That is a smart thing to do because you don’t want to accidentally turn a small problem into a larger one.

A shower drain will usually be clogged due to soap scum, hair and other debris. If you remove the drain plug, you may be able to take out debris that collects on the drain flange with your fingers.

If this still doesn’t work, you could try a drain cleaner and see if that removes the clog. If you’re still unsuccessful, call one of our professionals at Boyd Plumbing!

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