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Sacramento Camera Inspection

Same Day_banner In Sacramento, it’s not unusual for a drain to become clogged. Typically, it’s easy to figure out why. You used too much toilet paper, put too much food/grease down the drain, or accidentally dropped a toothbrush down the toilet. Sometimes, though, there are larger, more serious reasons for clogs that aren’t so easy to determine:

Video Pipeline Inspections Can Help

Using a cable with a camera mounted at the tip allows our plumbers to pinpoint the exact location of the clog and what’s causing it. This process also means that your entire yard won’t have to be torn up to locate which pipe is causing the problem. Some of the problems a video drain inspection will find are:

Camera Inspection Benefits

Besides the obvious benefit of less destruction while looking for the source of the problem, camera inspection also has other benefits for homeowners including:

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Sick of those pesky clogs? If you want to take care of them the fast and easy way, give us here at Boyd Plumbing and Drain a call at (916) 710-8070 today. Our plumbers are always standing by to help you with your plumbing problems. Don’t wait any longer for a video camera inspection in Sacramento!